Tác giả: Hứa Thị Tường Vi; TS. Nguyễn Thị Phương Nam (người hướng dẫn).

Trường Đại học Trà Vinh. Năm: 2019.

Mô tả: 62Tr, kích thước: 30cm. Số định danh: 428.007/ V300. Vị trí: Phòng Tự Nghiên cứu.

Mục tiêu nghiên cứu:

This study will examine the effects of on integrating reading and writing on improvement of EFL students’ paragraph writing performance at Tra Vinh University. To achieve this aim, it is conducted with an experimental study of two groups of experimental and control. Data from pretest and posttest, questionnaire before and after treatment, interview after treatment were collected for finding out the effects of integrating reading and writing on students’ improvement of paragraph writing as well as their attitude towards paragraph writing performance.