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Tác giả: Nguyen Huy Thong; Violeta B. Felisilda, D.A (Adviser).

Southern Leyte State University. Năm: 2019.

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Social mobilization for education (SMFE) is a process in which the community and the whole society participate in the development of education. By using the Mixed Research Design, this study aimed at describing and generalizing the present status and achievements of SMFE of the secondary level in TVC. A questionnaire, a series of interviews, and focus group discussion (FGD) were utilized to collect the data. Informants included 170 teachers and staff members from nine public secondary and upper-secondary schools in TVC, 22 interviewees, and 12 participants of FGD who are city leaders, education managers, parents, and investors. The findings revealed that during the implementation of SMFE of the secondary level in TVC, all the community forces and many political, social, and professional organizations in the political system have participated with different extents. Moreover, the implementation of SMFE of the secondary level in TVC has both advantages and disadvantages in which human factor plays a decisive role in the advantages. Most of competent agencies, organizations, and individuals in the community pay attention to education in general and to SMFE in particular. On the other hand, the disadvantages of SMFE of the secondary level are also caused by human factors. It was also found out that the implementation of SMFE in TVC has constituted some certain achievements in recent years. At the macro level, it helped improve the socio-economic status of the locality. At the micro level, SMFE promoted the improvement of teaching and learning facilities at public general schools and narrowed the gap among students created by pecuniary condition. The study found out that the implementation of SMFE of the secondary level in Tra Vinh City was participated in varying extents by different community forces which yielded advantages and achievements, and several of disadvantages that need their collaboration to be sustained and to be improved to provide ample benefits to the stakeholders. The findings and recommendations on the SMFE are displayed in the form of a report submitted to the city government and the education sector of Tra Vinh Province. Several public forums are planned to deliver to the school stakeholders for the findings and the recommendations of this study to be known.


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