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Tác giả: Võ Thị Diễm Thúy. TS. Lê Nguyễn Đoan Khôi. (người hướng dẫn khoa học).

Southern Leyte State University. Năm: 2014.

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Rationale og the plan:

Tra Vinh University is a “student-centered” institution. With a population of over 20,000 students, it requires a great deal of managing the students’ affairs and advisory towards their learning and appropriate rights to be considerate, careful and strategic. However, based on observation, our colleagues’ and TVU students’, the staff’s behavior to students has not been paid much attention. Namely, when students come to ask about the procedure for borrowing to serve their learning, instead of providing them necessary information and specific direction gently, they shout at them firstly and then give them insufficient information. This causes them to waste their time to come the Office again. With the similar attitude of the staff in the Office, most of students are very scared and they do not dare to contact or interact with the Office any more. This makes students frustrated, not only to the Office but also to the University. It is the reason why this topic is chosen to improve the staff’s behavior through quality management. This study is very important and essential for identifying what problem the Office is dealing. Once the core problem is clearly identified, appropriate plans, solutions and implementation will take place to improve the behaviour of the Office.

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