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Tác giả: Cao Thi Hong Cam; Lilibeth S. Tindugan, Ed. D (Adviser).

Southern Leyte State University. Năm: 2019.

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The study examined English as Foreign Language (EFL) primary teachers’ beliefs and practices on Language Learning Strategies (LLSs) in terms of the frequency of strategies used, affecting factors, and the correlation to the pupils’ language performance. There were 165 EFL teachers from the primary schools in Vietnam participating as respondents. The questionnaires and individual discussion sheets were utilized to gather quantitative and qualitative data. The findings disclosed that most of the primary teachers held beliefs that of LLSs were necessary for pupils’ language learning owing to their benefits such as the generation of effectiveness and the assistance to the development of learners’ autonomy. In the practices of LLSs, it is not about the most frequently used LLSs, but others such as Compensation and Social strategies in significantly slight correlation to the pupils' language performance. Lastly, some factors can intervene in teachers' practices of LLSs, namely teachers' beliefs of LLSs, learners' language proficiency, benefits of strategies, a supportive learning environment, and curriculum constraints. As a way of bringing the observed gap, professional development programs in the local, and implications for English teaching and learning were recommended.


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