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Tác giả: Nguyễn Huy Thông; Nguyen Thai Ha, M.Ed (supervisor).

Trường ĐH Hà Nội. Năm: 2011

Mô tả: 99Tr, kích thước: 21x29 cm

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Syllabus plays a vital role in making a language program successful. It contains the course objectives, description of course content, required texts, learning activities, course duration, and so on. It also gives moral support to the teacher and learner by making the language learning task appearmanageable.

This study describes the process of designing an “English for Tourism” (EFT) syllabus for the third-year English majors at Tra Vinh University (TVU). EFT is a specialist subject that belongs to the new-established curriculum at TVU in the school year 2010 – 2011 named “Tourism taught in English”. Prior to developing the syllabus, the researcher conducted a needs analysis to gather information about the potential students’ learning needs and target needs. The data collection instruments manipulated were document analysis and questionnaires. The exploited documents were the aims and objectives of “Tourism taught in English” curriculum and the learning outcomes of EFT; meanwhile two questionnaires were distributed to the potential students and people working in the tourism sector in Tra Vinh province and Can Tho city.

The learning-centered approach to course design was applied to the study. Based on the major findings, the researcher proposed a multi-layered syllabus in which the situational syllabus is the principal type, together with other complementary elements such as topics (themes), language functions, language skills, as well as the learning tasks and activities learners will undertake during the course.

Suggestions for the implementation of the syllabus are presented. They are criteria for material selection for the subject andthe teaching methodology.

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